Our award winning websites are packed with useful features. They are all presented in a non-geeky format so that you can make changes and manage your website with ease.


Whatever device your visitors use your website will still look stunning. Images and text automatically adjust to fit the size of the screen whether it is landscape or portrait. With over 50% of web users viewing on a tablet or mobile phone responsive sites are a must.


All websites come with a dedicated SSL certificate giving you and your patients confidence and trust in your online services.

Online Consultations

Our Digital Practice features allow patients to interact with you online. NHS syndicated health information and online forms mean that instead of patients tying up a phone line or needing an appointment they can access many of your services online. In addition you can securely capture all types of information to be imported in to your clinical system.

Simple to edit

A simple, built-in editor puts you in control. Unlike market competition we don't make you use Wordpress or other geeky complicated content management systems to edit your site. The MSW editor is designed to make your life easier. You do not need any technical knowledge or experience - it is as simple as editing a Word document.

Upload your own documents

We will provide you with a lot of useful content but you can also use your own. Within the editor it is easy to upload your own documents for visitors to access.

Add your own images

The website comes with a royalty free image gallery but you can add your own photos to personalise your website further. Uploading an image is an easy process within the editor.

Unlimited pages

Your website is configured with a lot of information but you have the ability to add as many extra pages as you like. It is easy to do and gives you total control of the website content.

NHS syndicated content

We have worked with the NHS to syndicate some of their content. This includes a lot of health information and a useful search allowing patients to find local services. This is part of your website and keeps it up to date with out you having to do anything.

Change design anytime

When we set you up initially you'll choose a design and configuration that is right for your practice but you can change this any time you want. A simple click of a button will change the entire look of your website and if you don't like what you've done, it is just as quick to switch back.


All of our websites include a powerful suite of tools designed to increase online consultations. These self-serve options reduce the burden on appointment slots, phone lines and reception resources.


With our "keep-compliant" auto-updating technology our websites are easy to keep current. You can also manually change any aspect of the style and appearance of your site.


Our sites are designed with an emphasis on disability access and patient safety. We provide tools that aid interaction and allow all users to have equal access to your information.


Our award winning support and web design team deal with over 1000 customer queries every month. They can help with any aspect of how your website looks, and carry out any updating tasks you might want. Our regular customer satisfaction surveys consistently score over 95%.

Bespoke Forms

MSW offers a wide range of standard forms to allow patients contact the practice including registering at the practice, updating their personal details, signing up for services and health care assessment. If these forms don't suit your needs you also have the ability to copy standard forms and make the custom tailored to fit your needs or you can create new forms from scratch.

Group Functions

Websites from multiple practices can be grouped and controlled by a single administrator. This allows CCG's, PCN's, Federations or similar organisations to add or remove content and collaborate across their geography. Bespoke forms for data collection can be rolled out across a group.

Help Centre

Our award winning help centre is available to all customers. It contains "how to" guides with step by step instructions and informative videos. Everything you need to know to maintain and update your website is here.