Repeat Prescriptions

Repeat prescriptions will be delivered to a chemist 3 FULL WORKING DAYS (72 WORKING HOURS) after ordering so please ensure you leave sufficient time between ordering your medication and it running out.

Please note it may take longer than this for the medication to be available for collection from the chemist. There are 3 chemists located in Kilsyth - Boots, Charteris and Well Pharmacy (formerly the Co-Op). We can also send prescriptions to Twechar Pharmacy and Boots Craigmarloch. 

Repeat prescriptions can be ordered by:

  • Posting or handing in a repeat prescription slip or a hospital letter
  • E-mail to (please remember to include your name and date of birth in your email!)
  • Telephone - leave a voicemail on our 24/7 prescription line 01698 687699
  • Via online services – new users are required to register for this service

Please note most medications have a minimum number of days between requests - for example, if you were issued an 8 week supply of a medication, it will normally not be due until at least 6 weeks have passed. Early requests for medication will likely be declined. If you are needing medication because you are going on holiday, the GPs may ask for proof of travel before any medication can be issued early. 

Repeat Prescription Information Leaflet

Special Prescription Requests

If you request a medication that is not on your repeat prescription list this will only be issued subject to the doctors discretion and it may be declined or you may be asked to make an appointment to see a doctor before it is issued.

Local pharmacies will pick up your prescriptions from the health centre for you so that you can collect the drugs directly from them. Some pharmacies also operate an ordering and delivery service. Please discuss this with your preferred pharmacy.

Alteration to Medications

Occasionally we receive advice from NHS Lanarkshire about changes in brands of medication and prescribing alternative medication from the same group of drugs or prescribing by the medication name rather than the Brand name. This is to ensure that all prescribing is as cost effective as possible without jeopardising patient care. Changes are supervised by pharmacists and should not result in change of effect or side effects. In the rare event of a problem with these changes please make an appointment to review this with a doctor.

General Information about Medication

  • Please discuss any medication problems with the pharmacist in your local chemist or with a GP.
  • Check that any herbal medicines or vitamins not obtained from a doctor do not interact with your prescribed medications.
  • Read the patient information leaflet for potential side effects and interactions with food (e.g. cranberry or grapefruit) or interactions with other medications. (Check with your doctor or pharmacist, but please note that doctors often deliberately prescribe drugs that interact – e.g. two drugs that lower your blood pressure). 

Medication Reviews

All repeat prescription lists are reviewed on an annual basis and you may be asked to make an appointment for review of your medication with a clinician. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT that you comply with this or your medication may be declined in the future.

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