Ear wax and how to treat it

Ear wax is a natural body product which, when soft, will come out of its own accord.  If you have an excess of hard wax, that is affecting your hearing the following procedure is recommended:

    • Obtain SODIUM BICARBONATE EAR DROPS/OLIVE OIL from a pharmacy. Other softening products are not recommended. Do not do this if you have ever been told you have had a perforation (hole) in your eardrum.

    • Insert 2-3 drops into the affected ear(s) twice – three times daily (follow the instructions on the box) for 14-21 days. After insertion of drops lie down with the affected ear uppermost for 15-20 minutes, then tilt your head to the other side to allow any remaining liquid to run out. Do not plug your ear with cotton wool as this will absorb the drops.

    •  In most cases after 14-21 days the wax will have softened sufficiently to come out on its own.

Alternatively you can have micro suctioning done privately; you would have to pay for this service. A list of local practitioners who provide this service is attached.

Some people tend to suffer from regular excess build-up of wax and have previously had regular ear irrigation. If this applies to you, it is now recommended that you instil drops as described twice per week to keep the ear wax soft.

We know that it is very tempting to try and clean your ears with such items as cotton buds but we strongly advise you not do so, as this is likely to push the wax deeper into the ear making it even harder to remove. It may also cause perforation of the ear drum.

List of local ear care providers:

Please note we have provided this list for your convenience.  It is in no particular order and we are not recommending anyone in particular.  They all have websites and some allow online booking:

Calder Hearing Care – 0141 291 5055 - East Kilbride (they can provide home visits)

Invisible Hearing Clinic – 01236 736333 – Kennilworth Health Centre, Cumbernauld

Lanarkshire Hearing Centre – 01698 283546 – Hamilton & Motherwell (they can provide home visits)

Specsavers – 01236 739534 for Cumbernauld or 0141 776 9920 for Kirkintilloch

Ear Wax Removal Specialists – Stepps 0141 482 7004

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