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 The majority of repeat prescriptions are issued via our computer.  When you require a repeat prescription please complete the tear off slip on the previous prescription and return it to the surgery.  If this is not available please write all your details clearly on a sheet of paper (name, date of birth, name of item, strength, dosage and the local chemist of your choice).  The 2 pharmacies in Peel and 1 in Kirk Michael operate a system whereby they collect prescriptions from the surgery and the patient can then collect their items later in the day directly from the pharmacy. 

 You can order online from our website or

by signing up for Patient Access where you can book appointments and order repeat prescriptions on line


We regret that we are unable to accept requests for prescriptions over the telephone.  This is to avoid mistakes and to guard against the telephone lines from becoming too busy and preventing any emergency telephone calls from getting through.

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You do NOT have to register to order your repeat prescription - it is your choice.
If you do not wish to register simply use the form below to place your order.

There are some advantages to registering and you can read about them here. To register click the link above.

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You may request up to twenty separate items. Enter each drug and strength on your prescription. Untick the 'Required' box if you do not require the item this time.
Please note that items will only be dispensed if they are included on your repeat prescription and a medication review is not pending
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e.g. 1mg once a day


Please do not include medical problems here - these should be discussed with your doctor

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