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Sickness Certificates

The first 7 days of sickness do not require a certificate from your GP. If your employer insists on a sickness form, complete a Self-Certification form, which can be found here

Please ask staff to issue the usual sick notes, NOT the GP's.

We do NOT do sick notes for suspected Covid.

Sick Notes do NOT need to be SIGNED. We will text them to you. You can print them or email them to your employer.

Keep Your Details up to Date
Please do update your contact details ("Your Contact Details" box at the bottom of screen) with home & mobile & email. You will receive appointment reminders and occasional requests for information by text.


Primary Care Networks

GP practices are working together with community, mental health, social care, pharmacy, hospital and voluntary services in their local areas in groups of practices known as primary care networks (PCNs). To find out more, click here and here. So far, being part of the PCN has allowed us to to have an in-house pharmacist, social prescriber, health coach and physiotherapist!



Symptom Checker eyes

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People often present Tired All the Time. Often the reason is stress: stress at home or stress at work. Or perhaps a viral infection that lasts a few weeks. Or perhaps one virus after another. It is important to see the doctor, as there may be other reasons, and the GP may ask you to go for blood tests.

Hypoglycaemia  rebound low blood sugar,due to bad eating is common, and makes people feel faint.
Carbon Monoxide from poorly serviced boilers can give fatigue, even kill!
Wheat  can make people feel tired. A fortnight off wheat or dairy can make you feel great. Try it!
Lack of physical exercise ("I walk everywhere" doesn't really count) causes fatigue.
Being overweight makes people tired.
Stimulants like coffee, tea, cocacola, and nicotine(smoking) can have a rebound effect of fatigue, after they've stimulated you. Excess Alcohol will also make you chronically tired.
Obstructive Sleep Apnoea can cause daytime sleepiness, there are apps on the iPhone that can measure your sleep patterns.

Depression, even low grade, often presents as fatigue.
Lack of Vitamin D can make you tired, and give muscle ache,  see above.

Many people will have had Covid infection, whether they were tested or not, even twice! This is well known to cause fatigue.


People often feel their ears are blocked and assume it is wax, and they put acid drops bought from the chemist in their ears. This can result in severe burns on the ear drum if there is infact no wax at all, and it's just catarrh behind the ear drum due to colds. Best to use room temperature olive oil 4x per day applied with a dropper or medicine syringe for 2weeks until the black wax, if any, comes out. Don't be tempted to compact down the wax with ear buds!! If it's no better, book in for a syringing with Barbara (she or a doc will check the ears for wax first). See attached leaflet, syringing can perforate your eardrum! Some patients have their partners check their ears carefully with otoscope to see if wax is building up.


EyeTests    a regular eye test, for both spectacle users or not, is important to exclude other diseases of the body that show themselves in they eyes,  even brain tumours! Make sure you ask for a full Field Test too: this is where you are asked if you see various dots on the edges of your vision left and right.  
The larger chains are cheaper, but sometimes use opticians who are training and switch every few months. So it is helpful to stick with one family optician, if you have chronic problems with your eyes.  Glasses for children aren't always free, please note.

Hair Loss
Mostly due to stress, occasionally due to underactive Thyroid or Anaemia. If patchy, maybe due to fungal infections.
If no cause found, why not visit Belgravia which has proven popular with patients as the assessment only costs about £15-20.   No NHS provision for hair problems.



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