PHONE CALLS may be recorded for your protection.

Sickness Certificates

The first 7 days of sickness do not require a certificate from your GP. If your employer insists on a sickness form, complete a Self-Certification form, which can be found here

Please ask staff to issue the usual sick notes, NOT the GP's.

We do NOT do sick notes for suspected Covid.

Sick Notes do NOT need to be SIGNED. We will text them to you. You can print them or email them to your employer.

Keep Your Details up to Date
Please do update your contact details ("Your Contact Details" box at the bottom of screen) with home & mobile & email. You will receive appointment reminders and occasional requests for information by text.


Primary Care Networks

GP practices are working together with community, mental health, social care, pharmacy, hospital and voluntary services in their local areas in groups of practices known as primary care networks (PCNs). To find out more, click here and here. So far, being part of the PCN has allowed us to to have an in-house pharmacist, social prescriber, health coach and physiotherapist!




PANDEMIC, in order to cope with demand, local hospitals had cancelled Outpatient appointments: they're beginning to open up and deal with backlogs. Waits are 3months for first outpatient after GP referral. We are urged to make only urgent referrals, and even those referrals may take a while. This is not ideal for patients, but you can imagine how much pressure it puts on GP non-specialists to manage your condition until the specialist can see you.
In addition, patients are being Discharged earlier, which again is challenging for GPs.

Non-urgent operations have been cancelled.

When we now refer to outpatients, they will contact you within 3-4weeks. If you haven't heard, please ring us to speak to our secretary
The appointment they give you will be a telephone appointment with the specialist, in the first instance.

If the doctor feels he can't help you, and you need referral to a specialist, then he will arrange an appointment at a Community Clinic (run by GPs with a special interest in that subject  and visiting Consultants) or write a letter to the specialist direct. We are obliged to use a government sponsored scheme called Choose and Book.
You Choose where you wish to be seen and you Book the appointment yourself at a mutually convenient time. Our medical secretary will write to you within a week or so with your paperwork, which will include a telephone number for you to ring and arrange your appointment and also a personalised password. It can even be done online!
Even if you prefer to use StHeliers, you still need to use the Choose and Book system. You will find that some hospitals can see you much quicker than others, though we do believe StHeliers gives a great service and is dependable.

The Community Clinics (if they exist for that particular specialty) can see you much quicker.  Some clinics will require you to ring and arrange your referral. If you haven't heard, please ring them 020 8661 3902

It should be no surprise to you that most PCTs (health authorities) are overspent in their budgets, and as well as trying to cut down on our prescribing, we are regularly audited to make sure we are referring appropriately and not simply because the patient needs reassurance.  The doctor will not always refer you at the onset, but will try his/her best to sort out your problem with medications and your help, as well as ordering tests. This will be the same with all surgeries in England, as they are all under the same financial pressures.  As you are aware from the news, our Consortium (group of GPs given the responsibility of managing this difficult budget!) will be directly responsible for this budget. We will only be able to refer and prescribe what we are allowed. Any more and we are in trouble.

This means that patients will see a necessary change in the way things are done. We have no choice. And all surgeries will be under the same pressures, whatever they promise you!  If WE feel that we cannot manage your problem in Primary Care, ie at the surgery with the help of hospital tests, then we will refer you.  If we aren't sure, then we have a weekly GP meeting on Fridays at the surgery, where we discuss grey-area cases on whether or not to refer. You are of course urged to come back to discuss your case if there is no improvement and you've actually been good with taking our advice and medicines. And of course, you're entitled to a second opinion with another GP.  

Missed Hospital Appointments . Patients who forget to attend appointments at the hospital are responsible for their own health. Even with the best reason in the world for not attending a hospital appointment, you can always ring to cancel.  Hospitals, under similar pressures, will discharge you if you do not attend. Out of politeness, they will simply tell you to ring your GP to be re-referred. This will not happen. We only have a certain number of referrals we can make and we have a moral duty to save those for whom we feel are genuine cases. If we are keeping to target, we may consider another referral. It is up to our discretion. Sorry if it seems harsh to have to point this out, but the minority of patients who habitually miss appointments have absolutely no idea of personal responsibility for health, and they may not even realize it is they who I am referring to in reading this sentence.  Simply put, it is our moral responsibility as doctors to give EVERYONE the best possible care available with the funds that the government has given us. This can mean that the irresponsible individual may have to wait longer.

Community Clinics GPSI's
These are essentially clinics in the community run by specialised GPs seeing patients alongside visiting hospital consultants. We are obliged to refer, currently in this area, any patients Muscular/Joint problems.

MusculoSkeletal Clinic (Jubilee Centre, Wallington  shotfield),  020 3458 5555  . 
They will send you an appointment for 4-6 weeks time.

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