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Foxhill Medical Centre, SheffieldAbout Us

At Foxhill Medical Centre we work as a team. This means to give you the best possible care and attention we may need to discuss your problem with other workers in the team. This is still confidential, within the team, and we do not necessarily mention names. Please let us know if this is not acceptable to you. We require written consent to provide information to third parties, unless to withhold information would be detrimental to the well being of the patient.

Personal Medical Services (PMS)
The Practice is a PMS site. PMS is an alternative way of funding Primary Care. We are also part of the North Sheffield Consortium for Health.

Teaching Practice
Foxhill is a teaching practice. We have a doctor who is attached for up to 12 months as part of their general practice training. We also teach medical and nursing students. We believe that having students keeps us up-to-date and give us the opportunity to help educate health staff of the future.
Please tell us if you do not want a student present. 

Important Information

  • We will respect your privacy, dignity and religious or cultural beliefs.
  • We will listen to your problems and give you time to explain your concerns.
  • No care or treatment will be given without your informed consent.
  • Your personal information will be treated in strict confidence.
  • We offer confidential services for people under 16.
  • We will provide full information about the services we offer.
  • We believe that our surgery is accessible for people with disabilities, but if you need further help, please ask.
  • Our staff will be friendly, helpful and efficient.
  • We will ensure our surgery is warm, clean and tidy.
  • We will help people who let us know that they have difficulty with reading, writing or hearing.
  • Emergency contraception is available at Foxhill. Medications need to be taken within 3 days of unprotected sex, but the earlier the better. Please use the drop-in service if necessary. It may be possible to fit an IUCD as emergency contraception. It may be necessary to refer you to the Central Health Clinic in the city centre. Please tell us as soon as possible if you think you may need this.
  • You are entitled to ask for a second opinion.
    Additional Services

    In order to meet the needs of our patients in the best way we can, we provide a wide range of clinics and services. In most cases it is necessary to make an appointment. Please ask a member of the practice staff if you would like to use these services. Those available are as follows:

    Practice Nurses
    Dawn Cox (RGN) Karen Waller (RGN)
      & Carolyn Cousins (RGN)
    General health checks, chronic disease management (diabetes/respiratory problems/heart disease/stroke/heart failure) blood pressure monitoring, cervical smear tests, pre-conceptual advice, contraception, well woman checks, diet, healthy living, weight management, ear syringing, youth work and stop smoking advice.

    Health Care Assistant: Donna Fidler
    Blood pressure, blood samples, new patient checks, simple dressings, ear syringing, suture removal and smoking cessation.

    Health Visiting Team
    Celine Donnelly - Team Leader

    Tel:   0114 250 3066
    Support and advice to parents and work with families and children under 5.
    Baby Clinic
    Held at Foxhill Medical Centre on Tuesday from 1.30 – 2.45pm. Appointments are needed for baby vaccinations.

    Maternity Services
    Midwife: Elizabeth Turner
    The midwife is here all day on Thursdays by appointment and  the Early Days Centre at Palgrave Road have midwife clinics. 

    Smoking Cessation 
    Clare Flanagan - Smoking Cessation Adviser  - is here Thursday afternoons 1.30 - 3.45pm - appointment only

    Psychological Therapy Workers
    Mike Oldfield , Shamim Khan & Fiona O'Farrell - By appoinmtment only.
    Referral through your GP

  • You can make an appointment by telephone or in person. The telephone numbers are 232 2055
  • Appointments are available from 8.30am to 12.30pm and 2.00pm to 6.00pm on weekdays (except Thursdays when we are open until 4.00pm only) plus 2 evenings per month, until 8.00pm
  • It is now possible to book and cancel appointments online. Please go to the 'Online Appointments' tabs for further information.
  • There is a Same Day Access surgery daily from 8.30 - 10am
    FOR URGENT PROBLEMS ONLY (either ring or come to surgery; you will be given an approximate appointment slot)
  • If you wish to discuss multiple problems, please book a double appointment
  • Appointments are for one patient, please do not bring in family members and expect them to get a consultation.

Consent to text messaging
We can now send appointment reminders and invites by text.
Please confirm to any member of the team if you are willing to consent to this.

Art Exhibition

2014 Exhibition at the Clock Tower Gallery

Some examples of the art groups work in the Clocktower Exhibition

Group members at the gallery showing their work and enjoying a sneak preview of the exhibition

Some examples of the housebound projects work

Art Group

Art for Health Group

As a practice we embrace holistic care and we are keen to use art as a way of keeping well.

The health development nurse and an artist run this inclusive group every Thursday 1.30pm-3.30pm. The group supports people of all abilities and needs including people with mental or physical health issues and learning disabilities.

It is well documented that art benefits people in the field of mental health and we have experienced how uplifting and beneficial the art and group has been first hand for patients health and wellbeing.

Some Comments from the Group

‘Sometimes I arrive in pain and I do the art and by the time I have finished the pain has lessened’

‘This Group has got me through some dark days’

‘I come to the group and the time just disappears!’

The group has exhibited work at The Clock Tower Gallery in the Northern General, as part of the Abundance exhibitions and worked to exhibit at Coterie Gallery.

Art for the Housebound

Outreach to our Housebound Patients

We really try to engage with our housebound patient’s needs. 

We have a nurse who has lots of links in the community to enable any isolated patients to engage in their community via lunch clubs, exercise, social cafes and even things like referring into housebound library services or befriending projects.

Our housebound patients receive home visits for their Chronic Disease reviews from Practice Nurses which means they receive a  good quality of care equal to that of our less isolated patients. 

We have offered housebound patients 1-1 art session via Arts Council Funding, this involves 1-1 tuition of patients who are housebound. The tuition is delivered by an art teacher  in the patient’s own home. 

Each patient has a special materials pack developed to suit their individual needs

Sessions are held in the patient’s own home over a period of 6 to 8 weeks. During this time period they are given guidance and support, this has enabled them to gain confidence and actually exhibit some of their work!

Breast Screening

All Ladies aged between 50 and 70 years will be invited for Breast Screening in January 2015.

Please note that this screening is extremely important and we encourage Ladies to take up the invitation.

The clinic is held at the Royal Hallamshire Hospital.

Some Ladies between 47 to 49 years of age and 71 to 73 years of age may also be invited as a trial.

Ladies over 70 will not get an invite but can ring 2711920 to make an appointment if they wish.


Occupational Health Advisor: John Dale  
Advice about health risks at work, hearing test, help with work related problems. Appointments available on Fridays.

Provided by ‘Physioworks’ at various locations throughtout the city. Assessment and treatment for joint, muscle and mobility problems. Please see a doctor for referral.

Specialist Health Development Nurse:
Clair Thompson (RGN)
Community Based Work -
Closely linked with the Community. Runs & Supports, various Health Related Activities such as Exercise Groups, Healthy Eating, Cookery and Healthy Kids Activities.
Nurse Based Work -
NHS Health Checks, isolated/lonely patients and Spirometry.

Minor Operations
We can carry out minor operations such as mole removal, toenail removal and joint injections. You need an appointment with a doctor to assess the problem initially.

Wart Clinic
Make an appointment for the Wart Clinic with Dr Sarah Messenger

Comments and Complaints

We appreciate your comments on the service that we provide and are interested to hear of any suggestions that you have.

We see your comments as an opportunity to learn. Where there has been a mistake, or where systems need to be changed or improved, we will acknowledge this and let you know what action will be taken.

  • Comments forms are available in our entrance lobby next to our confidential comments box.

We follow the NHS Complaints Procedure (see comments form for details). If you want to make a complaint about anything or anyone you can use the form or:

  • ask to speak to the practice manager in person
  • telephone the practice manager
  • write to the practice manager
  • use your Patient Access online message facility
  • use the feedback form >>> Click Here (remember to fill in contact details)

Click Here to download the complaints procedure leaflet

Contact Us

Contact Us

Foxhill Medical Centre

160 Fox Hill Crescent


South Yorkshire

S6 1GA

Tel 0114 2322055

Fax 0114 2327461

Care Quality Commission

Read our current CQC report here

Download our Statement of Purpose here

Download our Annual Statement here

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Medical Information on the Internet

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Always look for a balanced view - not just one site.

Remember that anyone can publish anything on the Internet.

Make sure the authors and their qualifications are listed.

Look at what other reliable information the site refers to.

Check that the site is regularly updated.

Look for advertising which might influence the information on the site.

Avoid online consultations or diagnoses.

Check on privacy and confidentiality.

Sites from outside the UK may mention treatments that are not available here.


Ian Nerurkar (Partner)
Bristol 1987 Male

Amanda Rosario (Partner)
Sheffield 1988 Female

Rachel Walsh (Partner)
London 1995 Female

Christopher Lilly (Partner)
Leicester 2008 Male

Sarah Messenger (Partner)
Hull 2009 Female

Hannah Prosser (Salaried GP) (Currently on maternity leave- returning week beginning 6th June 2016) 
Nottingham 2003 Female

Mohammed Sharif (Registrar) from February 2016 to July 2016

Freedom of Information

Freedom of Information 2005

From January 2005 the practice has a legal responsibility to respond to patient requests for information about the practice that in publicly available. The practice will respond to any such request made in writing within 20 days, however there may be a charge for the information requested, of which you will be informed prior to release of information.

GP Earnings

NHS England require that the net earnings of doctors engaged in the practice is publicised, and that the required disclosure is shown below. However it should be noted that the prescribed method for calculating earnings is potentially misleading because it takes no account of how much time doctors spend working in the practice, and should not be used to form any judgement about GP earnings, nor to make any comparison with any other practice.

The average pay for GPs working in Foxhill Medical Centre in the last financial year was £54,021 before tax and National Insurance. This is for 6 part time GPs who worked in the practice for more than six months.

The figure has been calculated according to government guidelines and is not representative of the hours worked by the GPs or their take home pay. Please bear in mind the working day of the GP does not just involve patients appointments/face to face contact. There are also results to review and act upon, many phone calls to return, repeat prescriptions to process (40-50 daily) and two deliveries of post daily (hospital letters - up to 60 per day) along with electronic correspondence.

The average working day for GPs at Foxhill Medical Centre is 12-13 hours.

Groups We Host and Support


Yoga for people with breathing Problems

Contact Carol on
01709 379356


One Stop Shop to see the health visitor 

Drop in


Contact Clair on
232 2055


Contact Clair on
232 2055

How to register

We require photo ID and proof of address for all patient registrations. New patients are invited for a New Patient Check and requested to complete a health questionnaire.

Summary Care Record information and a Practice Leaflet are issued on registration.

All patients are registered with the practice rather than an individual General Practitioner.

All patients will be assigned a Named Accountable GP. (You can still see any Doctor or Nurse of your choice)

All patients over 75 years will be assigned a Named Accountable GP.

Friends and Family Test

Topical Issues

Shingles vaccines available for patients aged 70, 78 or 79 %u2013 ask for more information.

  Are you 40 -74 and do not have any chronic medical conditions? Please ring the surgery and ask if you are eligible for a NHS Health Check.

All patients over 75 years of age should have a named GP; they can see whoever they want but the named GP will have overall responsibility to ensure that appropriate care is provided

Health Advice

See the NHS Choices Health Advice & Information pages:

Health Advice>

Health Tools>

Comments, Suggestions & Complaints

The practice values your feedback. If you have a complaint please contact Mandy Neville, the Practice Manager to discuss it. Alternatively you can email the Practice email account (this is not accessed everyday so shouldn%u2019t be used for urgent enquiries or health questions) .

If you have a suggestion or comments please use our email, complete one of the cards available near the suggestions/comments box on the reception desk in practice or ring and ask to speak to Mandy.

We have a Patient Participation Group which gives patients an opportunity to get involved with the how the practice operates and influence service delivery. We meet every 6 weeks to discuss ideas, get feedback and to review services offered in the surgery and the community. Foxhill have had a Patient Participation Group for over 25 years! The group is called the Healthy Living Group.

We really appreciate patient feedback, its extremely important to us so new members are always welcome to join us.

If you would like to know more please ask to speak to Mandy Neville or Clair Liversidge.

Patient Participation Survey & Report 2014-15



Previous Years' Reports







Practice Policies

Email us

Practice Staff


The practice staff are here to help you access our services.

The reception staff are here to help and they do have the difficult task of keeping things running smoothly. To get the best from all the team, help them to help you. Please be patient when the surgery is busy and remember a smile and a thank you is always appreciated.

We operate the NHS Zero Tolerance Policy to safeguard staff and patient welfare. Our Team shall always show due respect and courtesy when dealing with Patients. In turn, we would request Patients to reciprocate the same. No form of aggression, verbal or physical in nature would be tolerated and may result in Patient removal and being reported to the Police.

Practice Manager

Mandy Neville

Administrative Staff and Clinical Support

Karen Martin

Admin Manager/Secretary
Karen Mills

Jayne Thompson and Beverley Bancroft

Health Care Assistant
Donna Fidler

Health Development Nurse
Clair Thompson

IT Manager
Anne Ashton

Occupational Health
John Dale 

Phlebotomist (takes blood samples)
Keely Glossop

Practice Nurses
Dawn Cox, Karen Waller and Carolyn Cousins

Primary Care Mental Worker
Mike Oldfield           

Health Workers
Shamim Khan and Fiona O'Farrell

Keely, Tracy, Denise, Debbie, Laura, Beverley

Attached Staff

Community Nursing Team Leader
Tracy Hodgson-Allen 

Health Visitors
Sue Clensy, Kassy Tsloruas, Celine Donnelly, Frank Cunliffe

Elizabeth Turner   

Community Matron
Jacqueline Prothero

Smoking Cessation
Clare Flanagan


Requests can be made by the following methods 

  • The telephone prescription ordering service was suspended as from Monday 1st February.

    The following methods are still available:
  • Post - please include a SAE for return if required
  • In person at the surgery - or place prescription request into external post box at Fox Hill Crescent entrance when surgery is closed.
  • Internet via SystmOnline - you need to registere in person for this service closed. 
  • Certain Pharmacies are able to order on your behalf - please check with your usual pharmacy

Order Repeat Prescriptions online with SystmOnline

To use the SystmOnline service you must have a username and password. If you do not have a username and password you must first complete a registration form and return it to our reception staff. For security reasons this must be done in person.


When you need a repeat prescription, please:

  • Telephone our dedicated prescription line on 233 5777 which is open from 9.30am to 11.30am Monday to Friday - ( This service is to be suspended from 1st February 2016)
  • Register for internet ordering (ask at reception)
  • Keep the right hand side of your old prescription, tick the required items and bring, or post your request to the surgery.  This enables us to deal with your request quickly and accurately.
  • Avoid requests on pieces of paper, as this can lead to mistakes.
  • If you would like us to post your prescription, please be sure to make this clear every time and kindly supply a stamped address envelope. 

Overusing medication is dangerous. Hoarding medication is also dangerous. Any unwanted medication should be retuned to the chemist.
Ask us about synchronising your repeat medication.

Repeat Dispensing for up to 12 months
We batch issue your prescriptions and you collect your medication from chosen pharmacy (For patients on stable medication) Ask a member of the team about this.

Electronic Prescription Service
The practice is now able to send your repeat prescription electronically to a pharmacy of your choice.  Before we are able to do this you will need to contact your chosen pharmacy and ask them to create a nomination, which will then allow us to send prescriptions through to them electronically.  This will save you collecting your paper prescription from the surgery. 

Removing Patients

Removing patients from our list

Very occasionally and regrettably we have to ask patients to leave our practice list. This could be because they have been aggressive, abusive to members of staff, overly demanding, a breakdown in relationship between clinician and patient has occurred or simply because they have moved out of our practice area.

  • Examples of a relationship breakdown could be loss of trust between either party/irresolvable differences/persistent non attendance of appointments
  • If a patient fails to attend more than 3 booked appointments they are asked to come in for a meeting with the Practice Manager to discuss the matter
  • If a patient has been aggressive, or abusive then they will be asked to leave out list as we have a zero tolerance policy
  • All patients will receive a warning letter first explaining that their behaviour may result in them being removed from our list (unless for safety reasons it is necessary to remove a patient immediately)
  • If a patient is violent towards a member of staff they may possibly be referred to the Violent Patient Scheme (this would be after a warning letter from us)
  • If a patient is asked to leave the list, then a search would be done for anyone else living at the same address and they would be also asked to leave the practice.
  • All correspondence regarding removal of patients is held on file.

Under 16 year olds
We offer a confidential service for people under 16. This means that we will not give the information you give us to anyone else, except in very special cases, when you may be in danger or at risk. We will always tell you first if we have to involve someone else. We will see people under 16 without their parents or carers if necessary, and will keep information confidential as above. We have been accredited by the “Low Down” scheme.

Reports and Medical Examinations

Charges for documents completed and private prescriptions 1st June 2015.

Citizen forms£10.00
Passports adults and children£25.00
Signing of photographs for ID purposes£20.00
Insurance forms£25.00
Holiday cancellation forms£25.00
Private sick note£20.00
HGV/PCV medicals£150.00
Driving licence application£25.00
Driving licence photo£20.00
OFSTED reports£40.00
Westfield forms£7.50
Private prescriptions£15.00
Convalescent forms£15.00
Disabled travel permit£10.00
Housing benefit/rehoming reports£15.00
Hep B vaccination 3 vaccinations£35.00 per dose
Council tax discount forms£10.00
DNA test£75.00

Important information

Please note that there are charges payable for the completion of all non-NHS documents.

If you have a form which is not listed below please check with reception to find out the charge for completion.

Please allow four weeks before collecting the form from us.

Many thanks

How do I


Please let us know if you would like to have answers to how the surgery functions. 

We will expand this section to add further details on getting the best your practice.  


How do I ?.....

speak to a GP or Nurse?

Consulting a Doctor or Nurse by telephone:
If the clinician is available your call will be put through, if not then the receptionist will take details and arrange for your call to be returned.
For general medical enquiries please ring after 11am. Your call will be returned at the end of morning surgery or early afternoon.

request a home visit?

Home visits
Please ring regarding home visits by 10.30am. A doctor will ring you back to discuss symptoms prior to visiting.


get help out of hours?

make an appointment?

get test results?

Test Results
You can telephone for test results one week after the test has been done. Please telephone in the afternoon after 3.00pm. The results of the tests can only be given to the person for whom the test was carried out. Results of pregnancy tests can only be given in person.

request a prescription?

Slimming Group

Our Group is run by two of the practice’s nurses Colette and Clair and is not your traditional slimming group!

The group is run for 5 weeks and then we have follow up sessions throughout the year.

The idea of the group is really to allow patients to take on all the knowledge and skills to change their lifestyle in a way that works for them. 

There are no sins, no naughty foods……… Just treating food sensibly and enjoying food and exercise in a way that means we lose weight and feel great.

Colette also works for Rotherham Institute of Obesity so we have all her skills and knowledge to help our patients lose weight and improve their health.

Ask at reception for our new group starting in September!

Stop Smoking

Yorkshire Smokefree

You can find more information and get help from:

Tel: 0800 612 0011 (free from most landlines)

Tel: 0330 660 1166 (free from most mobiles)

Useful Telephone Numbers

Surgery appointments

Prescription line      

Northern General Hospital

Hallamshire Hospital

Jessops Hospital

Children’s Hospital

Weston Park Hospital

Health Visitors

Foxhill & Parson Cross Advice Centre

Sheffield Stop Smoking Service

Social Services  

0114 2322055

0114 2335777

0114 2434343

0114 2711900

0114 2268000

0114 2717000

0114 2265000

0114 2503066

0114 2450287

0800 068 4490

0114 2734811

Let us know what you think

Let us know what you think

We like to hear what you think of the service we give and we want to improve our service. If you have any comments or suggestions please tell one of the staff and we will look into your idea, or put a note in the red Suggestions  box on reception.

If you do have a complaint please contact the Practice Manager, Mandy Neville (phone 2322055). Mandy will explain this in more detail. You can pick up a leaflet about the complaints procedure from reception.

Our aim is to give you the best possible service and we try to deal with problems as quickly as possible.

If you feel you cannot complain directly to us you can contact Sheffield Patient Services Team for advice on 0114  2712400. 

Call 111 when you need medical help fast but it’s not a 999 emergencyNHS ChoicesThis site is brought to you by My Surgery Website