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MASTA Travel Clinic Wigan

We are proud to be now working in partnership with the MASTA travel clinic group, British Airways Preferred Partner for travel health services. The advantages this brings our customers is the bonus of a personalised travel health brief to take away at the end of your consultation.

The clinicians are happy to give travel advice, by appointment in the travel clinic. The travel clinic advises on both vaccination and other health requirements for safe foreign travel. This comprehensive travel health service for all local people offers holiday/travel vaccinations/jabs/injections, and advice on travel related issues includes all vaccinations including Yellow Fever. Fees may apply for non Shakespeare Surgery patients.

Alternatively, you can obtain travel advice from either The Travel DoctorFit for Travelor from the Department of Health’s own travel clinic website National Travel Health Network and Centre. Broader health and travel information is also available from the Department of Health as well as safety information from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

Following assessment, vaccinations will be scheduled as needed. Please be aware some vaccinations take several weeks to become fully effective so don’t leave arrangements until the last minute to ensure you are fully protected. However for patients at other surgeries don’t miss out on travel vaccinations, we can normally fit you into our travel service to ensure your travel needs are taken care of properly. FEES MAY APPLY for non Shakespeare Surgery patients. 

Please note for some vaccinations there may be a CHARGE.

Yellow Fever Centre

Shakespeare Surgery is a Designated WHO Yellow Fever Centre.

Yellow Fever vaccination is very effective against this deadly disease. It protects you from 10 days after the vaccination, and is administered in a single injection. It is vital that you have this vaccination for all areas where Yellow Fever occurs. The current advice is to have the vaccination repeated every 10 years.

In countries where there are mosquitoes that could transmit the virus, documentation is required before you can obtain permission to enter the country, which states that you have been vaccinated against yellow fever. This can only be provided by a stamp in the Yellow Fever vaccination card issued by a WHO Yellow Fever Vaccination centre.

Not all GP surgeries are allowed to be a Yellow Fever Centre and as such you do not need to be a patient of Shakespeare Surgery for us to vaccinate you against Yellow Fever.

For a list of prices for NON Shakespeare Surgery patients for travel clinic services CLICK HERE.


Malaria is a dangerous tropical infection against which you will need to take precautions before travel. 

We will provide private prescriptions for malaria tablets following a consultation with the GP/practice nurse. Before making an appointment for a telephone consultation you should:

  • Have a full travel plan for where/when you are going 
  • Ensure you are not pregnant or intending to conceive in the time the anti-malaria tablets are being taken 
  • Intend using other anti-mosquito precautions such as repellent sprays and bed nets. Further information is available below.
    Please Note: There may be a fee for the private prescription.

Protection Against Mosquito Bites

In the evenings:

  • wear long sleeved shirts and long trousers. 
  • protect exposed limbs with a diethyltoltuamide-containing insect repellent and wear diethyltoltuamide-soaked ankle and wrist bands. 
  • Diethyltoltuamide (DEET) is the most effective repellent and there is vast experience of its use since 1957. It is estimated 200 million people use it each year DEET products should be applied with care to the face as it can irritate mucosal membranes (a skin test can be tried in advance if sensitive skin). Most DEET preparations remain effective on the skin only for 2-4 hours and therefore need effective and regular re-application. 
  • Children require similar measure, although there are rare reports of toxicity following excessive use of diethyltoltuamide in young children. 
  • Mosquitoes may bite through thin material. An insecticide (premetherin) has become available for spraying onto clothing and is believed to be effective for up to 2 weeks.
  • Sleep:
  • Ideally sleep in fully air conditioned or screened accommodation. 
  • Rooms should also be sprayed with a knockdown insecticide every evening after sun down to eliminate insects that entered during the day. 
  • Where room cannot be made safe from insects, use a premetherin impregnated bed net. This provides much greater protection than an ordinary net. Kits for impregnating kits are available, a single treatment will last several months. Use an electrical pyrethoid vaporiser overnight where nets are not used.
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