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Having helped over 4000 practices get online and providing services to over ten million NHS patients we are the largest and most experienced surgery website team in the country. Last month alone we had over 1 million unique visitors to our websites using hundreds of thousands of online services.


Over four thousand NHS doctors' practices, walk-in centres and pharmacies can’t be wrong – My Surgery Website is the best product on the market at the best price. We set the standards.

Works with all clinical systems

Our websites work with all clinical systems. Whether you have SystmOne, InPS, Emis, Microtest or anything else our website will improve the services for your patients.

No hidden costs, no rising charges – great value for money

We don’t believe in escalating or hidden costs. The initial setup fee for your website is only £100. Hosting of your secure website is £425 per year. Many website providers can charge £1,000s to build and host a website, but we believe in keeping our costs as low as possible without compromising on quality.

* all prices quoted are exclusive of VAT.

"What an amazing service you offer, no wonder almost all GP surgeries I know are with yourself"

Unparalleled interactive website features

As we get feedback from so many practices this has enabled us to provide a suite of interactive features (such as repeat prescriptions, appointments etc) tailored to your practice requirements. We offer all of our features to all practices at no extra cost. When we release new features on the websites you will get these automatically and free of charge.

Unbeatable practice management tools

As part of your website you will get a suite of practice management tools which you can use to manage your practice information. There is a Holiday Planner, Shared Calendar, Contacts, Schedule & News Feeds. This can be accessed from the practice or at home via a secure logon page. This is FREE for all practices with a surgery website.

Designed by practices & patients

Our websites have been developed from scratch with input from GPs, Nurses, Practice Managers, IT Managers, PCTs & Commissioning Groups. Perhaps the most important group who shape our websites are the patients themselves helping us to give you a user-friendly, professional website.

"Just a note to say that we have been interviewing for a new job and every applicant has said that our website was by far the best that they looked at. So many thanks for doing such a good job we are delighted. "

Dedicated support

Your new website will be easy to change and update yourself. Included in your annual licence, you will have access to our Help Centre. The Help Centre has detailed articles on how to use all the functionality of MSW, so it'll make editing your website a breeze. However, we understand that sometimes you may just want a helping hand with editing your website.

If you would prefer one of expert website design team to manage changes to your website, we can offer this additional support for only £100 per year. You can email us at any time and, in the majority of cases, get a response within an hour. We pride ourselves on the quality of our support service. In 2017, customer satisfaction was 97% and in 2018, it's 98%.

* all prices quoted are exclusive of VAT

Disability compliance

Not only will your website meet the required disability access guidelines, but it is also developed in such a way that the website is well presented and readable for anyone with impaired vision or disabled access. We take this very seriously and have had compliments from disabled users on the structure and coding of our websites.


Our websites use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) 256 Bit encryption and each website has their own unique security certificate.

Continual maintenance and upgrading

A good idea from one practice tends to benefit all! As such we are continually developing the My Surgery Website product. You will automatically get these updates on your website at no extra cost. We will also continually review your website and offer advice on how to get the most out of your website for your practice.

No advertisements

We will never put any unsolicited advertisements on your website. We believe the website is yours to reflect your practice image and as such you control the content.

"I have recommended your Company to a lot of Practices as I feel your service and management of the website is excellent."
"We regularly receive positive feedback from new patients who tells us that our website played a major part in their decision to join our practice"
"I have had lots of positive comments from patients and other practice managers on our website. I am delighted with the service and support which is excellent"

More than a website - free practice leaflets

Why pay a printer to produce a leaflet that is out of date before it is off the press? Keep your website up to date with all the latest news and information and then using our unique system simply generate a new leaflet whenever you want and print off the number you need.

A green approach

Our servers are hosted in a new UK data centre which is run on renewable energy. Best practices are used to keep energy requirements to a minimum with efficient hardware and equipment.

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Simply fill in our contact form and one of our team will be in touch at your convenience to help you with any questions. We can have your new website up and running next week!

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