More than just a website - everything included

Our websites are easy to keep up to date. Not only can you change the textual content but you can upload your own images and documents, switch the interactive options (such as 'appointments' or 'prescriptions') on or off, add more pages and even change the entire style and appearance of your site.

We like you to have as much control as you wish with your website. You can change everything yourself but if you are unsure or don't know how just let us know - our support team will be happy to help you out.

undefinedEdit your own website
A simple, built-in editor putting you in control. Unlike market competition we don't use Wordpress or other geeky content management systems to edit our sites. The MSW editor is designed by us to make your life easier. You do not need any technical knowledge or experience - it is as simple as editing a Word document.

undefinedChange layout and appearance
When we get you set up initially we'll choose a style and configuration that is right for your practice but you can change this any time you want. A simple click of a button will change the entire look of your website and if you don't like what you've done, it is just as quick to switch back.

undefinedUpload your own documents
We will provide you with a lot of useful documents but you can also use your own. Within the editor it is easy to upload your own documents for patients to access.

undefinedAdd your own images
The website comes with an image gallery but you can add your own photos to personalise your website further. Uploading an image is an easy process within the editor.

"We went live this morning! I just wanted to say a massive thank you for your excellent service and support over recent weeks. We are delighted with the new site, and grateful for the tweaks you made for us to enable us to present our content in the most effective way."

undefinedPractice management tools
Not only do you get a fully editable, professional website but at no extra cost you get access to a secure, practice management section of your website. Take advantage of the many free tools on offer such as a Holiday Planner, Shared Calendar, Contacts, Room Diary, Scheduler and more.

undefinedUnlimited pages
Your new website will be configured with a lot of information but you have the ability to add as many extra pages as you like. It is easy to do and gives you total control of the website content.

undefinedDynamic health content
We will automatically keep your site up to date with all the latest health news and information. We will also integrate the latest information about Minor IllnessFamily HealthLong Term Conditions and much more.

undefinedNHS syndicated content
We have worked with the NHS to syndicate some of the information from the NHS Choices website. This includes a lot of health information and a useful search allowing patients to find local services.

My Surgery Website Online Services

undefinedSecure online prescriptions 
A secure repeat prescribing system to help you manage your repeat requests and cut down on the number of trips to the surgery required of your patients. This works for all clinical systems. If your clinical supplier has this service available we will integrate it for you. (eg Emis, SystmOne, InPS etc)

undefinedRequest and cancel appointments
An encrypted service which allows your patients to request and cancel appointments via your new website. Saving you time and resource and reducing the DNA rate in the practice.

undefinedTelephone consultation requests
Allows you to organise your GP and Nurses schedule with ease. Patients can request a telephone call with the practice which can help reduce wasted appointments and home visiting times.

"Brilliant. You take all the worry out of providing a very easy to use, up to date website. Your support team are wonderful, nothing is too much trouble. Editing is simple, staff home is useful. The evaluation of the patient surveys is very impressive and ticks the DES box perfectly"

undefinedNewsletter subscription 
Let patients subscribe to your website so when you have a practice newsletter or even just some important news you can inform your patients with no postage or packaging!

undefinedPatient survey 
Create your own patient surveys using the simple, custom built patient survey tool. Publish on your website and the survey tool will automatically collate and graph the results. Find out more

undefinedTest results 
You can provide your patients with access to their test results through your website. The patient is registered on the website so that when the test results are in, a notification can be sent to a secure area of the site for the patient to read.

undefinedUser poll 
Create a poll allowing fast and easy access to simple questions. This allows rapid feedback from your patients on a particular topic. You can create your own polls with the Patient Connect tool and add them to the website within the editor.

undefinedTravel form
Allow patients to send in information about their upcoming travel plans. Your Practice Nurses can then get the appropriate vaccinations prepared for the patient’s visit to the practice.

undefinedOnline consultations
A quick and neat way for secured email communications between patient and practice.

undefinedNew patient registration
Use a dynamic version of the GMS1 form alongside an interactive new patient questionnaire allowing you to control your new patient registrations via the website – saving time for both the clinical and admin staff.

undefinedQOF data collection
Improve your QOF data by allowing patients to submit information online enabling you to update their clinical record. Developed by feedback from over 4000 practices ensuring you are collecting the relevant information.

undefinedSMS and email consent 
Increasingly SMS is becoming a method for practices to reduce their DNA rate and also inform patients of practice news. The form allows you to gather explicit consent from patients for SMS and email contact.

undefinedChange of address
Keep your patient listings accurate and up to date with the online change of address form. Use one form to update all of your family details.

undefinedPatient feedback
Patients can send you comments, suggestions, feedback, ideas and more helping to improve your communication and services for the practice population.

"Our website is absolutely brilliant - took a tremendous amount of work and hassle out of changing from a very outdated website. I would highly recommend you to other GP Practice Managers"

undefinedSocial media
While not essential, a lot of practices like to communicate with patients using social media services such as Facebook or Twitter. Not only will your website integrate seamlessly, we can advise on best practice and usage.

undefinedUser statistics
We will create a report giving you analysis of your website usage including prescriptions ordered. We can also, if you wish, help add in more powerful analytics software allowing you to track usage of the website in greater depth.

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