FPMS is a set of tools designed to make the back-office demands on a practice manager a little easier to handle. The focus for FPMS is on helping communication between practice and patient by providing tools for simple wizard-guided creation of surveys and the friends and family test (see below).

In addition there is a simple holiday planner, a calendar, contacts manager and much more.

Friends and Family Test

The Friends & Family Test has been introduced by NHS England allowing patients to provide clear and easy feedback on the services they receive. We can help you with this.

We have created a simple, powerful solution allowing you to collect the Friends and Family data via your practice website. All the data can be easily extracted into a standard monthly report which is available for submission to the NHS helping you to hit your targets.  It is completely FREE with your practice website.

As part of your website you receive the suite of tools knowns as 'FPMS' and within this is the simplest most effective way of creating a FFT survey you will ever see. You do not need any third party software, your website will take care of it all. Once your FFT Survey has been created, adding it to your website is as easy as clicking a button.




  • Standard NHS questions included by default
  • Add as many additional questions as you wish
  • Instant and real-time results analysis
  • Collated monthly reports for submission to NHS England
  • Seamlessly integrated into your surgery website with no effort from the practice
  • Publish comments and results on your website in patient friendly format (FFT smartly selects which patients allow their comments to be viewed)
  • Input paper copies at no extra cost
  • FREE - no hidden costs, no extra charges, all part of your surgery website.
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