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"Good website, very accessible and understandable, I have to applaud the practice for this. I use jaws screenreader software developed for people with impaired vision or no sight at all."

"The site is fantastic. Simple and intuitive navigation make it very quick to use. The facility for repeat prescriptions is excellent."

"I have now had the opportunity to trawl your web site and congratulate whoever put it together. The site is very user friendly and easy to navigate. Many questions arising are answered well and directions to referrals are simple. Well done."

"Working with you has been a pleasure from day one – fast service, excellent product and a great price. My colleague was quoted £700 for set up and £100 a year maintenance and needless to say she didn’t take it - but don’t let that make you put your prices up! I have noticed that since I got you to do our website that my neighbouring practice has gone with you and I noticed another local one yesterday that had changed its horrible web page to you – so I’m flattered to be copied!"

First Practice Management