FPMS Pro Features

undefinedDocument management
Create pages and menus yourself to organise documents.

You can link in documents individually or synchronise intranet pages with folders on your practice network. Create pages and sub-pages to make everything easy to locate.

undefinedPatient survey tool
Create your own patient surveys using the simple, custom built patient survey tool. Publish on your website and the survey tool will automatically collate and graph the results.

undefinedDrug manager
Fully compliant replacement for your Drug Book.

Drug Manager is a browser based system for keeping track of your practice's controlled, non-controlled, personally administrable, and privately issued drugs.


Consolidate all your phone numbers, email addresses and other contact details into one location. There is built in search capability and the ability to create categories and groupings to allow fast and easy access to all your useful contacts.

undefined Calendar
Create shared and personal entries in your practice diary. Everyone always has access to the day's events so no appointments are ever missed. You can also add in tasks and holidays to give a daily picture of what is happening within the practice.


Real-time messaging
Send messages to other intranet users. If they are logged on a message will pop up on their computer almost immediately. If they are not logged on then the next time they access the intranet they will receive your message.

undefinedHoliday planner
One of the headaches of practice management is holiday allocation. Within the intranet you can view this all in a calendar format and also create reports to show you the annual holiday plans and allocation for all your staff members.

undefinedRoom diary
Organise your room rota for all the staff ensuring that you can view which rooms are available when. Automatic integration with the Holiday Planner allows you to ensure that nothing is missed when your staff are on leave.


Fridge monitor

Set up schedules and assign staff to record and log fridge temperatures.

Graphical reports allow staff to track temperatures over time and prevent failures before they happen. 

undefinedTo do items and check lists
Create to-do items for yourself or other staff members and repeating check-list items for tasks around the surgery.

Check list items are audited so a record of activity is maintained within the system.

You can use the intranet to create personal notes. These are only available to the user - no one else at the practice can see them.

undefinedStaff schedule
Set the weekly schedule for your staff so you can see who is in the practice and when. Like the Holiday Planner, it automatically picks up staff from your website to add to the diary.

undefinedSearch facility

The integrated search facility provides you with a quick and easy method of locating pages, documents and other information held within the intranet. You will also get a search history allowing you access to recently searched for items.

Check out the demo intranet to see the full range of what is available or contact us for further information.

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